Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get 'er done!

If I recorded in a journal each night how I spent my day, it would not look 
anything like what I claim to prioritize.  (You all know what I'm talking about. 
Do you prioritize Facebook? Twitter? Television?)

Maybe we just need daily reminders of our priorities. 

I decided I needed to make dates with my writer self. 

And keep them.

This month I had two appointments on my calendar for updating
my blogs. It worked! Although, I didn't get the task finished, I made major progress.

My mouth dropped open when I really dug in and saw how outdated my pages were. Some of my sidebar links were no longer pointing to anything. A few were still working but quite dated, and better off gone. (Don't investigate yet--I'm not done.)

I spent the most time on my farm blog. A little voice asked me why I would waste time there if my
book was a priority. I thought about it...

Writing a blog is good exercise. Not for the body, but for the writer's brain.
Besides, I have things to write about that don't belong in a novel.
And I enjoy writing.

You know the old saying: If you don't use it, you lose it! So I'm using it.

Are you stuck in a rut? Does writer's block have you avoiding your WIP?
Write something else. Write a poem.
Write an essay. Write a blog.

I have a date with my book.

It's on my calendar in April. 

I have given myself advance notice.

Whatever it is you've been putting off, why not mark you calendar?
Do it now.


Sharon McPherson said...

I know exactly!!!! what you mean. :)

Welcome back

Sharri xx

Lillian Robinson said...

Thanks, Sharri. Have you ever tried making a date for writing? How did it work out?