Monday, August 20, 2012

The Review

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Last night, a terrible thing happened... 
I finished reading Unending Devotion.

Have you ever read a book, anxious to find out how it ends, but then wishing it didn't? Yeah, me too. And Jody Hedlund's latest novel is one of those. Christian Historical Romance doesn't get any better!

I know I said I would post a review Friday, but I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on this book.

Not only does the MC share my name, but I can so relate to her impulsiveness--okay, bullheadedness. I, too, sometimes act without thinking it through. I, too, have had less than ideal outcomes from such actions.  

Lily Young is an orphan. Her younger sister, Daisy, has run away--to be a prostitute! Oren, a father figure to Lily, has taken Lily along as his assistant to photograph young men in logging camps in 1883 Michigan. 
The logging industry has birthed many evils, one of which is a large number of brothels. Lily's hope is, while touring the many logging camps, to search the brothels, find Daisy and rescue her from a life of prostitution. Easier said than done. (FYI: If you Google images for '1800 logging camp brothel' you will pull up the cover of Unending Devotion.)

This topic is near and dear to me.  After being enlightened to the ill of modern-day sex trafficking, I have made it a priority to educated myself and others about this problem.  Hedlund demonstrates that this sin has been around the U.S. for a very long time.

As she did in her first two novels, Hedlund took me into the logging camps and the culture of the day. She paints a vivid picture with her writing, as well as educates on a lifestyle of former times. (It's like that commercial--I DO feel smarter after reading one of her books!) If only high school History class had been this much fun...
Her characters come alive. Unfortunately, that includes the evil Mr. Carr and despicable Jimmy Neil. Neither has a conscious when it comes to young women. Carr doesn't think twice about tricking them into working for him, or holding them against their will.  Fortunately, Lily has made it her life's purpose to rescue anyone who needs rescuing!
Connell McCormick is a good man, but turns his head to the evil surrounding him, accepting it as 'part of the territory.' Lily can't understand how he can allow the evil to continue for the sake of business. Is profit the deciding factor in moral obligation?

Hedlund's minor characters, from the local paper's chief editor to the charming couple that own a boarding house, are also full of personality, becoming real to the reader.

Unending Devotion has a unique storyline, that moves well from beginning to end. It certainly fed the suspense-lover in me. And, if you're a romance fan, the relationship between Lily and Connell will please your match-making soul.

I've wondered whether or not, if I should someday become a published author under contract, I could crank out story after story while maintaining a quality tale. Jody Hedlund has proved it possible. For me, this was her best book so far. As with the first two novels, this third work crosses bookstore boundaries.  Even though Hedlund's genre is Christian fiction, this novel will appeal to all historical fiction fans. On my Shelfari page, I will be marking this one a five-star favorite!  I can't wait to share it with my bookworm granddaughter.  Perhaps I can even nudge her into writing her own review.

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TC said...

Now I want to read it even more than I did, GREAT review. I can't wait to read it, real life is getting in the way though!!

Jody Hedlund said...

Wow, Lily!! Your review nearly brought me to tears! Thank you so much for such kind words about my book. I'm beyond thrilled that you enjoyed it and gave it 5 stars!! I'm delighted to know that you could really resonate with the main character in more ways than just sharing names! I appreciate you taking the time to write up this review and post it early! :-) Blessings!!

Amy C said...

Thank you, Lily for a great review. Makes me want to read Jody's novel even more.

I'm a follower.

When I'm at my desk, I have to have iced tea and most of the time a small bag of peanut M & M's. Jody what are your must haves when you are writing?

Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

CrazyCris said...

Excellent review Lily!

I totally know that feeling! Funny enough, I go through it each time I read The Lord of the Rings! In fact, the last couple of times I skipped the final chapters 'cause I didn't want it to "really" end! :p

*sigh* It isn't called the "oldest profession on Earth" for nothing... It's an issue that has gone back centuries in many countries and under many names...

Definitely looks like an interesting read!!!

So, a new post + a new comment means a new chance to win? ;o)

Jenny said...

I never ever want a good book to end, yet it happens each time without fail :( It's a sad reality.

Thank you for the review. I'm excited to read the book, so my fingers are crossed that I win a copy!

Bonus entries:

Question for Jody:
Your first three books are set in three very different time periods. That would take a lot of research! How much time do you spend researching for each book?

Linked to this post on Facebook.

I am a follower of this blog.

jennyjenjen92 at gmail dot com

Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for giving this wonderful account of her story. I read her first novel and loved the history in it--this one sounds like it would appeal to me even more!

karenk said...

a wonderful review/posting

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Becky Doughty said...

Love getting a peek inside Jody's head!

I'm sharing this review with my FB friends - it's wonderful!


Lady DragonKeeper said...

+1 Aw, man --I want to read this book even more now! Great review!


+1 If your publisher guaranteed that your next book could be anything you wanted, what genre or story would you write?