Monday, September 7, 2009

The Long Wait

Why is that everything I see, hear or smell gets me thinking about my MS? A story on the news makes me ponder a new plot. A song on the radio creates a scene in my head. I was born to write. I really believe that. I wrote songs and poems when I was a kid. I have long made my own greeting cards. I just don't have trouble getting the words from my brain to paper (or laptop). When I found out what blogging was, I was delighted to join in.

Even though I find much enjoyment in these things, my real dream is to be a published author... Not just published, but actually making my living at it. A career. I didn't want to be able to tell people I wrote a book. I want to someday say, "I write books!"

I am not as happy with my progress as I could be; I get side-tracked too often. (I spent my writing time this weekend twiddling with baby shower stuff.) I am determined to make a bigger push toward my goal. After all, I'm not getting any younger!

...but it does take time. I think that instant gratification spoils some things. I see that in the younger generation. They don't wait for things the way we did. The waiting is an important part. It's the part that pushes our dream to the mountain peak. Without the wait, it's just something we want, we get, we move on...

The wait. As with anything else in life, the longer we want it, the greater the reward. Didn't someone famous once say something like, "The harder we have to fight for it, the greater...." We appreciate it more. We savor the accomplishment.

I'm sitting here, reading through my morning e-mails, and I came across this devotional:

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”
- Proverbs 13:12


Ziggy Stardust said...

I admire your determination. You do have a lot on your plate with the farm and family and all. Don't be so hard on yourself. You will be an author! Great things always take time. I am going to leave you with one of my favorite movie lines. It is from "A League of Their Own". Tom Hanks tells Gina Davis "Its supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Lily -

I enjoyed your post. We may not be getting any younger, but oh, what wisdom we're gathering for our projects!

Susan :)

Susan R. Mills said...

What a great post, Lily! I agree with you about waiting making success that much sweeter. And, by the way, I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked either.

SquirrelQueen said...

Excellent post, keep on pushing.

Hope you have had a great holiday weekend,


Terri Tiffany said...

Good post--and waiting is part of the process, I think, especially for a writer. Seems we wait for everything:)

Stephanie Faris said...

I've found setting daily goals really helps me, but they need to be small goals. If you know weekends prove too much distraction, give yourself Saturday and Sunday off...or do all your writing first thing in the morning.

Although even with that, we all get distracted sometimes. It's just the nature of the creative beast, I guess.

Stephanie said...

I could relate to just about everything you had the courage to say out loud. I want to be published-maybe even make a living. For me though, it's about mattering and that is a whole blog post all it's own!
Thank you for your honesty!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Wonderful verse. You are so right about the instant gratification call these days, and the youth have a special handle on that for sure. My eldest harrasses me all the time about my writing because I haven't instantly been published. I hold to the fact that she's at least seeing perseverence through me, and perhaps one day she'll see the reward of waiting and working hard too, so that she doesn't give up on her dreams that take time to accomplish.