Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Site for sore eyes...

If you're like me, you spend so much time on the computer that your eyes blur. Well, here's another place to invest a little time...

I promised when I had time to post some of the sites I have found to be helpful to me as an aspiring published author. Sorry, but life has been rather hectic. Check out my personal happenings on my essays blog and my blahwg! blog. I will get around to posting them... Until then, here is my #1 pick: nathanbransford Everyday, I learn something new about the word of publishing and writing. His blog is straight to the point. You won't learn about his family or how he decorates his home. You will learn valuable things about writing a book that people want to read, or sending a query that gets attention from an agent.

Today's post, The top 7 things every aspiring author's website must have , gives a check list for you to follow. Check! I've got it. You're on it! Of course, later on this site will probably take on a different look. Eventually it will become more 'commercial'. If you check the URL, you'll find that it is my name. My essay's blog is also my name. (the shortened one I go by) I have a best friend that is also an unpublished author. We are taking this journey together. When I registered my sites, I also registered hers. It's an inexpensive investment. For less than I'd spend taking Ali for lunch at the local BK, I can register my website name for a year!

I used Go Daddy to register my sites. I own several. I have dot-infos too. Of course, I don't have them hosted anywhere yet. I've just got the name. No one can take it from me.

Blogger lets you host your own site here for free! How great is that! So for the price of two fast food lunches, I've got a legitimate website for a year. Type in myname-dot-com and here you are! Google me. Yep, there I am. Of course, the less common your name, the higher up on the google page you'll be.

I was pleased today to learn that I'm on the right track. There's a lot more to writing a book than writing the book. Now I've just got to make time to write the book!


Susan R. Mills said...

I love Nathan's blog, too! Even though he rejected my query! :) He's definitely a straight shooter, and I've learned a great deal from his blog.

Ziggy Stardust said...

That is great information and thank you for sharing it.


Sharon McPherson said...

So right! 'There is more to writing a book than writing a book.' Thank you for saying that.

Though, all these extra bits like blogging and websites etc are fun there comes the point when you have to switch off and write. Isn't there?

After reading your posts and all of your comments over the last few weeks I know I want to read your book. I already like it. :)

Al said...

Thank you for sharing sites I haven't heard about. Now I'm on way there.


SquirrelQueen said...

Sounds like excellent info, I will check it out.

It does seem that by the time all the other parts are done an author is lucky to find time to actually write the book.