Saturday, June 6, 2009

LIfe gets in the way...

I was on a roll! I think I need a clone. Just when things start speeding along, falling into place, the wall comes up. This time it's life instead of brain fog, but it's halting just the same.

I suppose if you visit my other blogs you will understand why I'm not finding enough time to write. Some day I will be a famous author and I will sit in the shade, tapping the keys, sipping iced tea... while the pool boy cleans, the gardener weeds, and the landscaper studies my layouts. But then again, I would surely miss that part of my life just as much.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living two separate lives; There's a life with Liz, inside her twisted mind, and there's the life with my real family. Is it strange to say I think I'm as close to one as I am the other? I know I've created the one, just a figment of my imagination. I'm not as crazy as I let on... But still, I have history with her.

I grieved with Liz when it surfaced about... (oh, wait a minute... I can't tell you about that yet) I paced with her sister in the surgery waiting room. I was thrilled for her when she made the escape! How can I set her aside and go plant perennials? Well, she is a wonderful person. I'm sure she understands.


Lille Diane said...

OK go ahead.... leave me hangin'.... LOL I believe with you that you will have personal assistants, cabana boyzzz, a personal chef, a personal trainer.... a housekeeper.... what else do you want, honey??? I'll believe it in to existence with you!~

Linda D said...

I'm sure even famous writers have this problem. I know when I'm writing I feel guilty about neglecting all those other things I should be doing in the outside world, but it's usually when I am doing those other things that I get my best ideas for my writing.
It's great that you're so close to Liz - if you don't believe she's real she won't come alive for your readers.