Saturday, May 9, 2009

nature or nurture?

My opinion has swung back and forth over the years, depending on the subject, as to whether genetics or environment plays a bigger role in the talents that develop in an individual. My paternal grandparents were musically inclined, as was my father. My three brothers and I all play more than one instrument. But we grew up around different instruments. So was it Grampa's genes or Dad's guitar?

Grampa also painted. He was quite a good artist. My daughter is a wonderful artist. But from the time she was small, I provided her with the tools needed to be creative. So again, was it Grampa's genes or Mom's fingerpaints?

Now, here I am pursuing the dream of being a published author. I wrote stories and songs all my life. My daughter also wrote stories, and now my oldest granddaughter is waist-deep in writing! Is it because of my genes, or the fact that my daughter and granddaughter were surrounded by books and told my made-up bedtime stories?

We could argue forever about the nature vs nurture thing, but the real point of this blog is bragging rights! My oldest granddaughter, a freshman in high school, has finally moved to Blogville! Yeah Dani! Her writing style is quite different from mine, but I think she is very creative. She is into anime & manga, wants to learn to speak Japanese and loves the decor or the orient. Please check out her new blog at and let me know what you think...


Rae said...

Such a deep subject. My daughter and I are total opposites. I am a perfectionist- she is chaos on two legs. I love reading and writing and she doesn't even read a newspaper and the the only writing she does is signing her name on checks. I think we failed both genetically and environmentally. Maybe I brought the wrong baby home from the hospital. lol

SquirrelQueen said...

I think it is a combination of the two with nuture counting more in the mix.
I just visited Dani's blog, interesting story, she has talent, looks like it runs in the family.