Saturday, April 11, 2009

I need more time!

I'm not making as much progress on my book as I'd like. It's hard to get 'into' the story with just a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Seldom do I have a large block of time to devote to my book. Now that the days are warmer, there is just so much to do! I have a lot of gardening to catch up on, and a horse that needs ridden - two, in fact. Hubby is recovering (or trying to recover) from some physical injuries, so I'm trying to take up the slack for him as well. There are two decks and a wooden play set that need painted, and soon it will be time to open the pool.

Tomorrow my daughter will be dropping off two of her daughters to spend the week with me. The fourteen-year-old and the eleven-year-old are on spring break, and since their mommy works full-time, they will spend their time off with me. The youngest two will remain in day-care. They enjoy riding their bikes on the bike path that adjoins our property and spending hours in the woods. Perhaps I'll still be able to sneak some writing time in, as long as it's nice out.

It's hard to balance my writing life with the rest of my life. I would love to just shut myself off and write non-stop until I am finished with this novel. But, at the same time, I want to enjoy all the other aspects of my life. I want to really know my grandchildren. I want to have the best-looking garden possible. I want to become an accomplished equestrian. (OK, I just want to be able to not fall off when Nekoda takes a sideways step.) In short, I want it all!

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SquirrelQueen said...

Never enough hours in the day. Sometimes I feel like the White Rabbit running around looking at my watch,"I'm late, I'm late . . ".
I quess if we just do the best we can and take a moment to enjoy it then life is good.