Wednesday, March 18, 2009

forward march!

Finally, I'm making great progress on my book. It took a while to reread because of my incessant need to edit! I try to tell myself, the time will come for that... I don't listen. Anyway, I finished going through my previous chapters and actually wrote several pages tonight.

I love it when I can shut myself off and totally immerse myself in the characters. That is when the keyboard clicks along trying to keep pace with my thoughts. If only I could stay in that place for longer periods of time. But I glance at the clock and the real world yanks me back.

Hubby and I have worked out spending time together while I write. We sit in our recliners in the bedroom. He watches TV (he's an addict) and I sit with my laptop, wearing industrial earmuffs. It's not perfect... On those occasions when he just can't stop interrupting, he finally gives in and goes to the living room.

Someday, when I've made enough with my writing to pay for it, I will have a small cabin out past the goat shed or deep in the woods. It will have all the comforts I need for writing, plus the solitude I long for. I'll be able to seal myself off from the world and return with a finished manuscript. Until then, I'll have to settle for the recliner and earmuffs.

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