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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Michael Bolton in my book?

Hurray for me! I've passed forty-seven thousand words! I like spelling it out; makes it feel like even more! I had reached another transition that was giving me some difficulty. It didn't seem 'alive' enough. I spent oodles of time with my fingers in the correct position, staring at the screen. I'd never get this book done, if I kept erasing everything I wrote...

Finally a break through came and the words started flowing again. It's late 1990. Thanksgiving actually. Liz has company. A song comes on the radio...

So what were some of the popular songs in 1990? I went to a jukebox site and clicked on 1990. (Research is important.) 'How am I Supposed to Live Without You?' by Michael Bolton was on the list. Talk about memories...I remember how jealous the men at work were over Michael Bolton. In my bedroom, I had a stereo with a 3-CD changer. It was probably 1993 or '94 actually. Occasionally I would put in something different to listen to; but as soon as it was over the other CD was put back in. This album was one of the three semi-permanent residents for quite a while. Yes, I was a hopeless romantic. Every night while lying in bed I listened over and over again to those same three CDs. What were the other two?
Go back in your mind to the nineties... Are there any albums that stand out in your memory? Tell me why?