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Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favorite Gifts

I got them!  The books I wanted...

Both my daughter and my DIL actually asked me what I wanted!  I gave them book titles.  I can't wait to get deep into these titles.  They're exactly what I asked for.... but still, they're not my favorite gift.

It's hard to top this...

So if I never become the best-selling author I dream of being, I have achieved greater success already!

What are some of your favorite Christmas gifts?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Makin' a list...

Glancing at the ID on my ringing cell phone, I saw that it was my step-son.  He was delivering a message from DIL...  she needs a list.  A list?  Hmmm....  How long of a list?

Her Facebook status yesterday said she didn't even think to get her list together yet for Black Friday.  They are expecting their first child in January and have been busy getting the nursery ready, so I guess she's had other things on her mind besides Christmas sale shopping!  (I personally hate shopping, crowds, and limited supplies, so avoid Black Friday like the plague.)  S-S said it was OK to e-mail it later.  (I'm sure he preferred that to having to remember a list.)  I promised I would, and started thinking about what I wanted...

I'm not one to desire much.  I have everything I need and feel quite blessed.  Anything she would care to give me would bring a smile and warm thought, but I don't want to be difficult.  DIL is a planner... a details oriented person.  I can certainly appreciate that.  So I'll make a list to simplify her shopping trip.

When I first hung up the phone, I thought about turtlenecks.  When assessing my winter wardrobe recently, I discovered that I really don't have many long-sleeved comfy shirts.  Surely there are tables full of on-sale-turtlenecks for Christmas.  But then, a better thought popped into my head...  What do I really want?  I already have a list!

I've shared with you a few of the craft books that are recommended by fellow writers to improve our technique.  Every time one sounds good to me, I put it on my want list.
TheThe Fire In Fiction by Donald Maass has been featured recently on Susan Mill's blog, A Walk In My Shoes.  I added it to my list!  Susan also recommends Writing the Breakout Novel, also by Maass.  (and also on my books-I-want-to-read list.)


Another book at the top of my want list is Stephen King's On Writing.  It also comes highly recommended as a must read.

So there!  I've made my list.  Haven't checked it twice, but don't really need to...  it's pretty short.  Now, if only Mr J's list was as easy...

How about you?  Have you received a 'list request' for Christmas?  Are there craft books on your wish list?  Here's the perfect opportunity to add to your writer's library!