Unfinished Business

Genre: Suspense
Working Title: Unfinished Business

As I've told you before, my brain is drawn to things a bit on the dark side.  I love books and movies with twisted characters -- not necessarily psychos, but at least some kind of mental baggage.  (I loved the MC in Secret Window with Johnny Depp, and A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe.)

My main character:
Liz has scars from her childhood, compounded with more scars from her early adult life.  Between the crazy stuff in her head and the crazy men in her life (past and present) she has many ghosts to kill.  Ghosts that have lingered through all the years of therapy.  Will anything make them go away?

As her father spends his last days on earth, Liz is pulled back into her past. A mysterious lock box and an old lover battle for the last shreds of her sanity.  Will she fall back into the dark pit, or will her new self-confidence give her the power to overcome?

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CrazyCris said...

Sounds intriguing! Good Luck!!! :o)