Newspapers & Novels

           After moving into our 55+ community, Trader’s Cove, we kept up with neighborhood news via the monthly newsletter. At the end of the year, the current editor/publisher stepped down due to health issues. I was excited to take over the task of issuing our community paper.

There were hopes that I would change the name from Captain’s Log back to The Tattler, as it had been for many years. I went in a different direction. Traders Post is my new creation. It’s a small paper, typically eight pages including the full-page calendar of events, but it keeps me hopping! I have two regular contributors, and I do the rest.

The first major change I made was launching a digital edition, which now has almost 50 subscribers. Many of our residents are snow-birds or travel a lot in the summer. Receiving the paper in their email keeps them informed on the happenings of the community while they’re gone.

The biggest change the paper edition has is the appearance. I moved to a cleaner font and layout, with less graphics. I’ve received lots of positive feedback. The only negative remark I’ve heard is, “I miss all the color, but I’ll get used to it.” The previous editor used lots of clip art filler.

During the time I was working on my first paper, I was also reading through a friend’s novel—pre-publication. She rolled her eyes when I told her she had to change the name of a minor character introduced at the end of the book. She gasped when I told her the reason—there was already a character with that name in the beginning of the book! She tells me I have an eye for detail. I catch things like extra spaces and missing commas and words. So, she had me comb through and find everything I could that needed fixed. She was so grateful, she even mentioned me on her dedication page! Of course, I was thrilled! She tells me I have a good eye for detail. I’m thanking God for the gift, and I’m happy that I have opportunities to use the gifts He blessed me with.

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