Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review of A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

I love expanding my horizons by reading a genre not typically my preferred choice.
I've read a few YA novels in the past year that were quite enjoyable, 
so when one of my favorite authors decided to branch out, of course I followed.

Jody Hedlund’s first foray into the YA world began in January of last year with The Vow: Prequel to An Uncertain Choice, a novella ebook. It was followed in March by An Uncertain Choice, which introduced us to three charming knights. 

My Goodreads reviews: 
I was thrilled to learn Hedlund’s latest YA release, A Daring Sacrifice, follows up with the knights from An Uncertain Choice, although the story-line is entirely different. I enjoyed the previous books a lot, but this one is my favorite. I would recommend reading them in order to appreciate the relationships, but this is a stand-alone story.

I immediately fell in love with the heroine! Born of nobility that was wrongfully taken from her, Juliana has taken on the task of providing for the peasants that were driven from their homes by the same horrid uncle that left her an orphan. The pureness of her heart makes her compassionate to the point of turning to thievery to help support the needy peasants she lives with in the forest. She despises the wealthy—even Lord Collin, heir to the neighboring land who only wants to help.
Juliana has spunk and a stubborn streak! She is one of my favorite characters from Hedlund's books.

As expected, Hedlund’s descriptive writing has the reader feeling the dryness of mud-caked skin and the silkiness of satin gowns. Even the most minor characters—from the handmaiden to the trusted servant—have distinct personalities. The plot is well developed and moves along at a perfect pace. This YA novel is truly a page-turner. It’s clear to see why Hedlund’s books receive high ratings.

If you love a fairy-tale, a knight in shining armor, a fair maiden in distress, a story of courage in the midst of trouble, you will love this book.


Unknown said...

I love all these books but really wondered if you have a sequin about Lord Bennet or if there will be one. you kind of left me hanging here. I'm anxious to know what will happen PLEASE.

Lillian Robinson said...

follows the story of Lady Sabine and Sir Bennet.