Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New name pick....

I'm loving the comments on the character names. Now I'll have a tough decision to make. But since you're all so good at this... How about giving me a company name? Another main character has his own business. He makes a gizmo that is part of a larger machine. His own invention. Made him wealthy. He started off working in a machine shop. Now business has expanded. I went brain dead when I got to that part, so I just typed in ReMota Corporation. I hate that name! (Hubby would probably love it since he calls the remote his 'precious'.)

So, let's hear what you've got. A good machining company name.


Ziggy Stardust said...

Chambers and Co. Machinery

Kearny Tool and Dye


Al said...

Sadie's Machineries?
Does it makes sense? LOL

Rae said...

Precision Industries or
Creative Inventions Inc. or
Built Rite Corp.

Stephanie Faris said...

I like Precision Industries.

Or Gizmo Inc!

TC said...

I think we actually have a precision industries or maybe it's precision tool and die?
What is the characters name? Could you use that and Industries or just his name and Inc. like Smith Inc.?
Or Smith Innovations Inc.?

Linda D said...

I agree with TC. As it's his own business I think he'd want his name in there somewhere. Or perhaps the place where the business is located Somethingtown Engineering.

Traditional male businesses like factories and workshops do tend to have straightforward (boring) names.
Couldn't you turn him into a woman with a chain of beauty salons or florists shops? We could have a lot more fun with those!

Lillian Robinson said...

Anne, hehe, Tool and Dye sounds more like a beauty shop... oops! Tool & Die is my trade. I really like using 'Machinery' in the name. Very manly.

Al, you're too cute! Sadie? You know I love that name, but does it sound like a man's machine company?

Rae, Stephanie & TC, I like the word 'Industries' too. This is going to be tough, too.

WIA Rich, It would sound nice with his name, but there is a conflict in that... Liz's sister is surprised to find out who owns the company that her firm represents. Having his name would remove the surprise element. I do like the location tip... Middletown

Later today I will post my decision. Thank you all for your input!

Love you!


Susan R. Mills said...

I'm at a loss! Nothing's coming to mind. Sorry I can't be of help on this one! Looks like you've got some great suggestions, though.