Sunday, March 15, 2009

two steps forward, one step back

I'm motivated to get back to writing, but first comes the reading. I've taken so much time off from my book that I need to refresh my mind on everything that has transpired. At this rate, I'll be writing again in a couple of weeks! I have yet to make it through the third chapter. I can't get past the editing.

Reading the first chapter was slow. I was doing the 'finish' editing. I had to force myself to leave it alone and just get back on track... Easier said than done. I wasn't satisfied with the sentence order within some paragraphs. Too picky! Again I kicked myself and said, "Get on with it!"

I made it to the middle of the third chapter... Kyle? Who's Kyle? I thought she didn't know who the father was? As many times as I've read this and outlined my characters, how could I have missed this screw up? I went back to chapter one... Correct, she doesn't know who the father is. It's a great paragraph - no changing this part! Back to chapter three and Kyle... another good story. OK, I'll keep Kyle and just tweak the timing.

My current manuscript is eight and one-half chapters. I know for certain I need more detail in my outline. Will I have the sanity to hold it together and finish this book?

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~*Jessica*~ said...

Good luck with the writing.