Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day: Another of Those Occasions

We set aside this day to pay tribute to those men who sacrificed to give us the things we
needed--who did without to give us more. The men who taught us respect.
The men who cheered us on when we were just mediocre.
The men who picked us up when we stumbled.
The men who loved us unconditionally.

Some of us don't know that man.

For some of us, choosing a simple card can be excruciating. 
All those beautiful words like 'always been there for me'. 
My brother asked me last week if I had a hard time 
finding a card that didn't seem like a lie. 


Every. Single. Time.

Some years, I don't bother sending a card.
When I call, he says, 'It's just another day for me.'
That's what he says on his birthday.
That's what he says at Christmas.

For years, I punished myself by trying to win his approval.
Achievements didn't bring the praise I sought.
Effort never paid back.

Though I never felt love from this man, I tried so hard to make him love me.
I tried to stir emotions that didn't exist within his soul.
Many times in years past, I sent homemade cards.
My own heartfelt words--or wishes... 
But the words weren't truth.
I still have the poem I wrote him in 1980.
I wanted him to say how wonderful it was.
I wanted him to say how much it meant to him.

And so, it was hard for me to understand the love of our Heavenly Father.
To say 'He loves us as His children' meant little to me.
Am I a disappointment to Him as well?

(It took me awhile, but I now know the love of God.
The whole in my heart is filled.)

So today, I called my dad.
He told me he got my brother's card.
He said it was the best card he's ever gotten.

I sent him this one...

 Inside it says:

You're in my chair.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Inspired by Another, I #AmWriting!

It feels so good to be back at it! I truly love writing. Always have. In past posts, I shared a lot about why I put off getting back to the other book for so long. That's right--I have started a new story! And I love it. Not that I didn't love the other one, but it needs so much revision since I've turned in a new direction. The old story is still a WIP, but on the back burner.

In my last post, I told you about Terri Tiffany.
She has been such an sergeant! I say this jokingly, but in all seriousness, she has provided a much needed push to get me going. I guess I can call her an accountability partner. Best. Thing. Ever.

When I told Terri I had an idea for a new book, she told me when she expected the first chapter. I sent her the first chapter. I love her.

Terri sent me a wonderfully detailed critiqued that will help me mold that chapter into the best it can be. I've already sent her the revision!

I love technology. Today, we have so many great writing tools at our fingertips via the internet--a dictionary, thesaurus, style handbooks, maps, images--but none can take the place of someone that holds you accountable to your writing. Terri tells me that I WILL finish a book this year. I believe her.

Do you have a critique partner or writer's group that keeps you directed toward your goal?